About du Milde

Danish fashion design with a twist

For you – who values high quality materials, groovy details and fantastic fitting

Unique designs demands new and pushy combinations, from different styles, colours and materials.

What characterizes du Milde are new designs and combinations, combined with the traditional handcraft traditions which all together gives a new look.

We like to pay a tribute to the work of hand/handcraft. Due to this the main parts of our collections are also designed with a handmade crochet, knitted or embroidered piece, all made from women in Poland, Italy or Portugal.

We only work with European suppliers and contractors, as we wish our collections to be of the highest quality.

This includes:

Good and human working conditions for our contractors- & the employees by our suppliers – all by EU standards.

High quality of handcraft, high quality of materials, fabrics, yarns and trimmings.

du Milde has existed since 2008 and is owned by the two sisters Rikke Hjordkvist Vahle (CEO) & Mette Hjordkvist (Head of design and production).